Santa Cruz Aerial


YIMBY: Yes In My Back Yard

We live and work in Santa Cruz County and want to see our community grow equitably and prosper sustainably, with all our neighbors housed. We promote stronger connections between homes, jobs, schools, and public transit. We advocate for our cities, the county, and the state to build more homes.


We envision a community where our neighbors of all ages, cultures, abilities, and incomes, can make Santa Cruz County their home. In response to the ever-increasing cost of living, we advocate for more affordable housing to meet the needs of our growing population.


  • Produce abundant housing now. We want homes people of all income levels can afford. We support walkable, bikeable communities by closely connecting where we live with where we work and play and go to school.
  • Protect renters and ensure that new developments occur without displacement and gentrification.
  • Respond to the climate crisis now by creating housing opportunities for Santa Cruz County's workforce near their jobs and schools.
  • Promote sustainable growth by increased density near transit, easier access to robust public transit, bicycle lanes, and protected pedestrian areas.
  • Advance policies that reduce permit processing times from months or years to weeks to build affordable homes now.
  • Promote equity through building affordable housing in all neighborhoods


Learn about the pro-housing movement and how you can make housing more affordable near you!