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Primary Election - March 5, 2024

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Local Initiatives

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⛔️ No

Measure M: Housing for People Citizen Initiative

Santa Cruz YIMBY is strongly opposed to Measure M, which is an attempt by no-growth NIMBYs to confuse voters and chill new housing. In order to house Santa Cruz residents, we need both density and infill housing to address the housing crisis. The 'Housing for People' campaign follows a continued attempt to halt those efforts by requiring a vote for all “development projects" with zoning variations. Additionally, the measure would require an arbitrary inclusionary rate, which would make developing housing and especially affordable housing infeasible. If passed, this measure would cost the City hundreds of thousands of dollars to run the elections toward approving projects, further stifling and halting housing development that we so desperately need.

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✅ Yes

Measures K & L : County and City of Santa Cruz Local Funding (Sales Tax)

Santa Cruz YIMBY endorses more local funding that can be used for affordable housing, the homeless and improving our parks and open spaces.

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Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors

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Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors District 1

Manu Koenig

In his tenure on the Board of Supervisors, Manu has a voting record of addressing the housing crisis. He has brought forward pro-housing ordinances and zoning changes that align with YIMBYs. He has been direct in his vision and action to build more housing for Santa Cruzans, even when it hasn’t always been popular with some residents. His past position on the Coastal Rail-Trail is an issue as the need for permanent transportation alongside new housing is critical, but his otherwise strong track record on housing is the core of our endorsement.

"When people tell me that we don't have enough infrastructure to support more housing, I explain to them that it's the opposite: we don't have enough housing to support our existing infrastructure."
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Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors District 2

Kristen Brown

Kristen has built up her experience in local government and housing policy through her time on the Capitola City Council, and through her roles with AMBAG, Metro and the RTC. We believe her move from the city of Capitola to the county will allow Kristen to broaden and strengthen her pro-housing and pro-transit voice.

“Promoting housing affordability and accessibility isn't just a policy goal - it's a commitment to fostering vibrant, inclusive communities where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Embracing housing as a fundamental human right and allowing responsible development helps us build not just houses, but bridges to a more equitable and prosperous future where both current residents and future generations can build a life in this beautiful place we are fortunate to call home.”
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Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors District 5

Monica Martinez

Monica has dedicated her professional career to housing vulnerable communities, particularly persons experiencing homelessness, both in the greater Los Angeles area and in Santa Cruz County. She has a long record of working with the County and community partners to understand the processes and needs of county residents, and is an advocate for density, walkable neighborhoods, and housing near transit.

“My position is pretty simple; I believe we need far more housing near jobs, walkable neighborhoods, and transit that is affordable at all income levels – low-income housing, workforce housing and market rate housing. We need to keep increasing infill density over time so that we can get back to a healthier housing market, continue to have a diversity of people and a local workforce, and continue to ensure that our natural and working lands are preserved from sprawl. Additionally, we need to do everything we can to support those who are rebuilding after the CZU fire and other climate related disasters.”
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Santa Cruz City Council

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Santa Cruz City Council District 1

Gabriela Trigueiro

Gabriela has a learning curve in relation to housing development and policies, but comes to the race with a personal experience of homelessness, and a vision of housing for all. We see great promise in her positions on streamlining processes, missing middle housing, affordable housing, and tenant protections.

“Viviendas asequibles no son solo una política; son el fundamento de una comunidad próspera y diversa. Trabajemos juntos para garantizar que todos en Santa Cruz tengan un lugar al que llamar hogar y una oportunidad para prosperar. / Affordable housing is not just a policy; it's the foundation of a thriving, diverse community. Let's work together to ensure everyone in Santa Cruz has a place to call home and a chance to prosper.”
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Santa Cruz City Council District 2

Sonja Brunner

District 2 includes the Lower Ocean and Seabright neighborhoods, the Santa Cruz Harbor, Arana Gulch and midtown south of Water Street and to the eastern boundary of the city.

“We have to keep supporting, building, and allowing many different types of housing as a necessary community investment.”
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Santa Cruz City Council District 3

Shebreh Kalantari-Johnson

Through her time on the Santa Cruz City Council, Shebreh has deepened her understanding of housing policies and her commitment to creating a more housing-friendly environment. She took a key role in the city’s Housing Element, collaborating with YIMBY, COPA and other community partners. Shebreh’s advocacy aligns with YIMBY in the area of density in the city center and along transit corridors, more ministerial approval for affordable housing, and generally, support for housing of all types and for all levels.

“To uphold our community's core values of equity, diversity, and well-being, we must embrace housing diversity at all affordability levels and types. “
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Santa Cruz City Council District 5

Joe Thompson

We believe Joe brings an excitement to this office through their prior political work. They have strong connections with the student and working families communities in Santa Cruz, and have an acute understanding of how the housing crisis affects these populations in particular.

“Housing is a human right. We need to create a future where that isn't just a dream but a reality.”
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